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About Fainajs Express

Fainajs Express Ltd is a Management Business Consulting that specializes in International Business Development, compliance consulting and Trade Payment and Facilitation services. We have leading capacities in Trade Brokerage, Product Sourcing, Trade Payment, Training, International Business Setup, Strategy and Compliance Consulting. We operate a highly responsive, reliable, efficient and customer-centric service delivery in partnership with our extensive network of enablers in more than 16 cities across 9 countries mainly in West Africa & the Middle East, and growing.

Our Committment


Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

We do business effectively, efficiently and with the community at heart, and are guided by the principle of excellence, fairness, integrity, reliability, ethical responsibility, social and legal considerations in doing business and relating with individuals.


Responsible Management

We say what we mean and mean what we say; we also commit to the development of our people, our customers, our partners, community and sustainability of our operations in the environmental/space by acting with excellence, integrity, fairness, ethical and moral chastity in all our dealings.


CSR Priorities

Doing business with us means you share in our commitment to economically empowering the people and communities we work in and do business with. It means you support girl child and women education in the Sahel Sahara, you support the fight against artisan exploitation in unfair trade & supply chain practices; you support entrepreneurship and business development of marginalized groups and you actively support equal opportunity for jobs, business, sport and wealth opportunities for people everywhere.


Flexible Work Policy

It doesn't matter whether you are in Guangzhou, London, Accra, Kuwait, Lagos or Johannesburg, we are at your service and can work with you to deliver value to our customers and community. We run a hybrid system of work that combines digital and onsite service providers and work engagements: so worry not about the location - because we might just have a rep over there, so focus on the quality and alignment of our service to meet your needs.


Equal Opportutnity for all

We celebrate and draw strength from our diversity. So worry not because you are different - you are a part of us and we are a part of you. So you are welcome to apply, to patronage or request a service to be rendered to meet your cross border business or trade needs.

Our Vision Statement

To make business development, trading and building wealth across borders easily accessible, efficient, reliable and profitable for African Entrepreneurs.

Our Business Philosophy

The cultural foundation of our business is focused on value creation, nurturing relationships, and empowering the people and communities in which we operate. As a result, we attract the right customer base and the team that remains with us long-term in reaching our vision. The principle of transparency, continuous learning and improvements, resilience and dedication to ensure our clients and people are successful holds the very fabric of our firm’s modus operandi and growth trajectory.

Our Core Values

  • Responsible Management
  • Corporate Social Entrepreneur
  • Equal Opportunity for all
  • Excellence
  • Protection of Data & Privacy of our clients.
  • Anti- Corruption, Anti-Bribery & Anti-Money Laundering
  • Compliance to Applicable Laws & Regulations
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Flexibility and Accountability
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Integrity and Reliability
  • Customer - Centric Solution

Meet the Team

Ms Fadila Ahmad - Director of Strategy & Partnership

Ms Fadila Ahmad

Director of Strategy & Partnership

Mr Abdul-Rashid Lamptey - Director of Finance and Account Management

Mr Abdul-Rashid Lamptey

Director of Finance and Account Management

Mr. Emmanuel Kudzu Wemasenu - Head of Operations

Mr. Emmanuel Kudzu Wemasenu

Head of Operations

Ms. Aisha A Sarki - Director of Strategy & Partnership

Ms. Aisha A Sarki

Lead Performance Coach & Counsellor

Mr. Kwaku Afori - Lead Trade Facilitator

Mr. Kwaku Afori

Lead Trade Facilitator

Ms Samori Abubakar - Lead Marketing Consultant

Ms Samori Abubakar

Lead Marketing Consultant