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Where we render this services : Remotely accessible to clients worldwide for the following specialize markets Ghana, Nigeria & UAE

The business world is changing at an ever-accelerating rate. Both old and young, ambitious companies are finding it harder than ever to stay on top of this change. From workers learning to transition from a traditional workplace to a remote working environment, to finding new customers and managing cash flow and time between multiple projects and so on.

At Fainajs Express Ltd we understand how overwhelming this could be and hence, we offer a range of business consulting services that help your business stay up to date with the latest trends in business growth strategies, remote work strategies and operational strategies, so you can always be one step ahead of your competition.

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Here are our benefits you don’t want to miss:

Tax, Accounting and Compliance Consulting
Genral Business Consulting

We help your business team achieve their full potential by improving their management systems, processes and creating a remote work culture that foster collaboration and efficiency through practical remote working advisory.

Infrasturcture Review

We focus on helping your business grow profitably while building a sustainable business through business growth and market expansion advisory.

Linkages/Outsourcing and Coaching

We will also provide you with practical advice that will streamline your business for maximum growth and maximize your competitive advantage through effective operational and strategic training.

  • Remote Work Transition Consulting
  • Strategy & Operational Consulting
  • Business Growth & Market Expansion Advisory

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