China being the most populous country with a population of more than 1.4 billion people is the second-largest economy in the world and also the world's fastest growing economy.

China is also known as the factory of the world as it is the largest and biggest source of imports and export market. Amongst so many countries in the world, China stands out as a major power in importing activities. Goods manufactured and merchandise in China are of good quality and less expensive as compared to other countries.

Benefits of buying from China

  • Chinese manufacturers are experts at designing products.
  • They make room for customized products.
  • Importation costs are relatively less than compared to other nations.
  • China produces better quality goods, making it possible to find products of different quality levels.
  • Flexible payment terms exist for Chinese suppliers, making it possible for you to pay easily.

Challenges of buying from China

  • With inappropriate information there is a high risk of failing a business. It's advisable that the prospective buyer communicate and understand each other well in whatever they are dealing with.
  • Again, goods produced might be incompatible with the laws of the country where the goods would be supplied to
  • Displacement of money might also be encountered when importing goods from China: thus the need to exercise due care and deal with credible suppliers only.



Importing products from China

Product Sourcing

Fainajs Express Limited is a specialist in providing product sourcing solutions for businesses of all sizes that are unfamiliar or do not enjoy the hustle of dealing with foreign suppliers, manufacturers or procedures for international procurement from China, UAE or Turkey.
As a leading sourcing agent, we bridge the gap between Manufacturer and Distributor to ensure top quality products are delivered to your doorstep.

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Trade Payment

We understand that tariff and non tariff barriers exist that continue to impede on the ability of an effective International Trade -African to flourish despite the increase in recent time to 15.4%. Merchandise trade accounts for the largest share of Africa's International trade, even though trade in services has been increasing fast during the last decades.

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making payments to suppliers in China